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why so hot whyyy
 A made a discovery: there was no spring this year at all. It was cold in March and cold in April, and then hot in April, and then lilacs bloomed and then there was snow in May, and next week, there was summer.
Don't tell me the cold and hot and snow *was* spring: I refuse to believe that forever and more and do not want.
It's terribly hot now, the lilacs are wilting, I need more job(s), I need air conditioning, and the books I ordered might be here next week, or in two weeks, and I will never use anything else than because damn.
dark violet lilacs, not far away from where i liv

Is it time to turn off leechblock yet?
I'm so going to regret it, but I've read so much, omg. Re-reading Virginia Woolf was a pleasure, and Marie Luise Kaschnitz was a great discovery, and also Kiran Desai - although reading her is a bit weird; she writes so prettily, and then suddenly there's this completely out of the blue awkward phrase of awkwardness. Needs an editor? Or IDEK.
My BFF in Shiogama, Miyagi didn't get her house destroyed by the tsunami (omg I was so worries T__T), am sending her a tiny mountain of chocolate today ^^. Maybe I should divide it into a couple of packages, the post seems to be a bit wacky still.
Hopefully, the aftershocks will not get any worse. Seriously, I'd just make her come over here if I could, with her family, and make her live here until it's all over ;_; 

But it's spring and omg so pretty, so pretty.

PS. Unlike in Germany, LJ can actually see the street where I live. SO CREEPY

 I've been sick like a very sick thing for the past few weeks, and the doctor was like "lolol flu flu flu, lololol trololo", which sucked like nothing I can think of at the moment. But yesterday suddenly antibiotics! If I don't get better this time I'm going to do something, I don't know what yet, but something a lot of people will regret, and none of them will be me.
IDK, I like to express my hatred in very expressive ways.

Also: had an idea that reading USSR books would be fun. I mean, of course I know Bulhakov and a bunch of other writers, but this time I wanted to take a look at the more pop culture-ish stuff, but, oh dear. Not only are the books a bit hard to acquire (ah, I was 20 years late? meh; everybody who wanted to get rid of them already did), but also, anti-Semitic jokes? Fuck this shit.

Also: my mum is awesome and fantastic and fuck the society who made me think she wouldn't understand social justice issues, because she totally does. A huge neener neener to mums who are creepy ableist tax-haters. My mum is so much awesomer than you, haha.

I think I have a fever again =_=

Also: I still think the anti-neo Nazi blockade was a success. They couldn't pass through the main streets, we won. Next year they're gonna have to crawl back under the rocks they came out from, so fucking GO GO GO WARSAW.

IDK, I hate Poland with all the burning hatred from the very bottom of my black little stone pebble-ish heart, but I almost sometimes think Warsaw might just be a little bit awesome.
I wouldn't want to overstate this, though.

Oh, Scalzi, oh <3
 I guess I'll have to buy his books, this time :)

Stop stop stop doing this
 In the ragey news, a Belgian fucking archbishop:

The Archbishop who is seen as a conservative does not pull his punches. Speaking about AIDS he says that this is a kind "immanent justice".
He compares AIDS with environmental challenges and points to man's responsibility for global warming.(source)
Gee, so nice to know there are still people who ~*don't pull their punches*~ and exploit other people's suffering to write a pretty lousy narrative about divine punishment and hellfire. Incidentally, if another Catholic cries that non-Catholics and Catholics shouldn't attack the church so vehemently because this too ~*hostile*~, maybe they should STFU, because it's the church that condones the above sort of behaviour and worse, and still claims that woman becoming a priest is the direst tragedy equal to child abuse. The church should be attacked: it's an obsolete hierarchic institution that does and has done very little good, and in turn supported crusades, inquisition, slavery, reactionary political systems and dictatorships, cares only about ~*unborn life*~ and funny titles. I have nothing against people who believe in the Catholic stuff, but the church has to fucking change or go.

Kyougoku Natsuhiko, why do you have to do this~~ Every time something scary/uncanny is about to happen he always, always writes:

りん、と鈴が鳴った。(Ding, rang the bell)

So, like, OK, whatever, I got used to it in the Kyougokudou series, but he also uses this all the time in Kousetsu Hyaku Monogatari, and it completely ruins the mood by constantly reminding the reader (well, perhaps it's just me, though) that the story is just a story written by the same person who wrote the Kyougokudou series, and who is fond of "rin to rin ga natta"-sentence as a stylistic device.
I don't even know why I'm reading Kyougoku's stuff, since it's only moderately interesting, some of the books are far longer than they should be, and some are terribly boring (nothing happens; the characters keep having uninteresting one conversation for 50+ pages, too much exposition, cliches, misogyny). The exorcist!detective who doesn't  believe in unnatural explanations, and uses some pomo/cognitive sciencey explanations instead is sort of cool at first, but then, IDK, it gets rather repetitive.
The anime adaptation is also absolutely horrible. It's totally pretty, but I fail to see the point of a film in which everybody just keeps ~*talking*~. All. The. Time. 

I need less raeg in my life srsly

 I need The Infinity of Lists by Umberto Eco. Either I buy in the Polish translation, together with the newly published WWII manuscript of Ryszard Apte's novel that was miraculously found only recently. OTOH, I could buy the English translation together with some sort of a book about Athanasius Kirchner. Or I could try buying them all (like, also some Japanese stuff I wanted, and also some stuff about Georges Perec published by Ha!art, and there was some Barthes stuff I wanted, I think, and something about nationalism and pop culture that I completely forgot to buy, and the Ian Buruma book my friend recommended, and this new book about language and gender, and IDEK, I have a list somewhere, damn) and find myself completely bankrupt by the end of the month.

This dilemma could be easily solved by me getting a job that pays moar.

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 There are no words.

False analogies are woman's bestest pal
So, I, like, open my FB this morning, and lo! A person from teh friends' list chimes in with a ~*well thought-out*~and ~*intelligent*~ blog post about how those awful feminists are ruining things for normal women, who would of course feel offended if they got elected to the parliament only because of gender parity quotas. That is quite bizarre, I thought to myself: as it happens, most cis men don't complain when they are (s)elected for something on the sole basis of them having a penis. Oh well.
Also, period is gross and disgusting, and should never be mentioned in public, and your significant other should not even be aware what it is. Because, gross. Just like vomit and excrement, OK? Just because everybody does it, it doesn't mean there's nothing to be ashamed about it. EXCREMENT!
Oh, but that's just ~*common sense*~ stuff. Misogyny? What misogyny?

What is this I don't even O_O

I mean, how does she even live with herself o_O

Back from Krakow! I was so tired I ended up not being online at all, meh. T. also insisted we go to Auschwitz, so we did, and, ugh, while I certainly knew what I was going to see, because Polish kids spend almost an entire year's worth of Polish classes reading about Holocaust, Holocaust survivors, concentration camps and WWII stuff in general, I have to say nothing prepares you for the actual pictures. And the 2000 kg of human hair. And the suitcases. And shoes. And everything.
Also, the film about the liberation of the camp, there are no words. T. didn't know what he would see, being Japanese, so, well. He wanted to be alone for a while afterwards. Good thing we could wait for the guide, but then, it didn't get any better at all.

I'm going to be all ragey for weeks, I guess.

(I sometimes think it would have been better if Europe would have drowned 10 000 years ago or something, srsly)

I didn't read much, because I can't concentrate while on public transport, so I just took another couple of Agatha Christie books with me. I still believe they're boring as stories, but a lot of what she wrote became cliches later, sp there was at least that (also: this must be at least part of the reason why her books are boring to me). I left a post-it every time I found something anti-Semitic or xenophobic, but I don't really need to write an entry about it, because Johann Hari already wrote an excellent article.

Because I can never remember the stuff about plants and animals I need
in order to parse sophisticated poetry allusions stuff in Japanese classical literature, which is because I suck.
So!  I'm totally starting a list with pictures and stuff, but first:


A type of mythical bird in Japanese and Chinese literature, each bird possessing only one eye, one wing and one leg, they have to always fly in pairs. Often used as a simile of a very strong love between man and woman, so says my dictionary, but I actually spotted it first in Ihara Saikaku's Nanshoku ookagami, vel The Great Mirror or Male Love, so nope, not really*.
Saikaku seemed very fond of the simile, too. I wonder why, hmm (actually, considering his taste for the grotesque~~).

I tried to find pictures, but unfortunately, I didn't have any. Google didn't deliver, either. I'm disappoint, Google :\

I wonder if I should write about zashiki warashi** next~~

(I'm going to Krakow on the weekend, away again <3. Hopefully, I won't come back completely sick this time though =_=)

* A more well-known metaphor for love, at least in the West, it seems, is the red string of fate. But hiyoku is so much cooler <3


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